2019 Indicators Report

 2019 Reporting is underway

The deadline for  survey submission is April 8. Our goal is for 100 % of operating CFAs to participate in the 2019 reporting.  We plan to have the survey data collated and ready for reporting out at the BCCFA conference in June. We will have the print version, which includes stories and photos, ready for UBCM in September.

In preparation for posting your numbers in the survey, we have developed a new way to collect information on Indicator 1 Jobs. Having good data on the jobs/m3 created by community forests is of critical importance in our advocacy efforts and we want to ensure all operating CFAs are reporting this information. In indicator 1 we are asking “What were the total number of workers and number of hours that were generated by the community forest in the reporting year in each of the categories below?”

To assist in tracking the numbers over the course of the year, we have developed a tool to easily record the number of workers and hours worked. It is also intended to help CFs that contract out work, and don’t always have easy access to these numbers. With this sheet, a contractor can easily fill in the numbers to the appropriate category for the work they conducted on the community forest, making data collection easier for everyone. You will see that we have also added a new question on crews directly employed by the CF such as fire fighting and wildfire mitigation yet working on land other than the CFA. If you have other ideas to improve collecting data on this very important indicator, we welcome your input. Indicator 1 Jobs Worksheet