Forestry industry pushes back on Trump blaming fires on Canadian lumber imports

By Ian Bickis
Canadian Press in CTV News
August 17, 2018

Canada’s forestry industry is pushing back against comments by U.S. President Trump that lumber imports are partially to blame for intense forest fires in California. Trump said a at cabinet meeting Thursday that the U.S. should harvest fallen trees from the forest floor, which he says are making fires worse, rather than import wood when “Canada is charging us a lot of money to bring their timber down into our country.” The comments were troubling and a bit ridiculous, said Forest Products Association of Canada CEO Derek Nighbor. “At a number of levels the president’s comments are just really off-base yet again.”  … Susan Yurkovich, president of the BC Lumber Trade Council, said Trump has the option at any time to lower the premium on lumber prices that the U.S. National Association of Home Builders estimates is adding US$7,500 to the cost to build an average home.

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