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Now is the time to tell Christy Clark you want climate action plan with teeth   Jul 23, 2015Vancouver Observer   Blazing fire and choking smoke. Water bans, and lettuce-wilting heat. That’s how British Columbians are going to remember the summer of 2015. But there is also some encouraging news, and you can be a part of it. Earlier this year, British Columbia’s government announced it is ready to get serious about climate action again. The timing couldn’t be better. ...Last week, BC released a discussion paper and opened up a public survey to get a sense of the climate-action ideas and priorities of British Columbians just like you. ... The Climate Action Consultation ends on Aug. 17th. Head over there now and click on “Take The Survey.” It only takes a few minutes and your input can help ensure a better future for all British Columbians. Read More Read more...

  Jul 08, 2015BC Forest Practices Board   VICTORIA –The Forest Practices Board released its 2014-15 annual report today, which summarizes the board’s work over the past year and highlights current strategic priorities and projects underway. Topics reported on this year range from protection of water in community watersheds to an investigation of how forestry impacts to natural range barriers are mitigated. The board also issued a report card on the Forest and Range Practices Act and how well it is working.  Read More Read more...

Clearwater hosts community forests meeting

Friday, 10 July 2015 17:15

Clearwater hosts community forests meeting   Jun 25, 2015Clearwater Times   Wells Gray Community Forest was pleased to join with BC Community Forest Association in welcoming 130 delegates to the 2015 Community Forest Conference and annual general meeting earlier this month. Representatives from community forests all over B.C. gathered in Clearwater to take part in workshops, discuss key forest policy issues, and to learn about community forestry in the North Thompson. “The Wells Gray Community Forest board of directors and society trustees were honoured to host this annual event,” said George Brcko, manager of Wells Gray Community Forest. Read More Read more...

Filmon firestorm Report:

Thursday, 09 July 2015 17:36

Has the province followed through on wildfire recommendations?   Jul 08, 2015News 1130 AM   VANCOUVER  – The wildfire season is on track to be one of the worst on record in the province, with crews struggling to stay ahead of flames eating through our forests and threatening hundreds of homes across BC. But could the government be doing more to protect our communities? After the “summer of fire” in 2003, the Filmon Firestorm Report made dozens of recommendations for changes to BC’s wildfire strategy. “Some have become part of provincial policy,” says Associate Professor Lori Daniels with UBC’s Department of Forest and Conservation Sciences. “In some ways we have acted very well, but in other ways we still have a long way to go.” Read More Read more...

  Jul 03, 2015Victoria Times Colonist       Wildfires this year are going to cost the provincial government much more than it thinks. At the end of every fire season the province reports on how much taxpayers’ money went into fire suppression — but the cost of suppression is only a fraction of the total or “true” cost of wildfires. In a position paper just released by the world’s three pre-eminent fire-science associations, the Association for Fire Ecology, the International Association of Wildland Fire and the Nature Conservancy, the authors point out that the true cost of wildfires is typically two to 32 times the suppression cost (  Read More Read more...

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