Sunshine Coast Community Forest

Mushroom pickers win temporary injunction against logging in Sunshine Coast forest

By Bethany Lindsay
CBC News
January 11, 2018

Hans Penner, Laurie Annette Bloom and Ross Muirhead, three anti-logging activists with a history of illegal blockades against forestry operations on the Sunshine Coast] have secured a temporary halt on logging plans for a favourite plot of forest, but whether they’ll have a chance to make that permanent depends on their ability to pay up to $250,000 in potential damages. Last week, B.C. Supreme Court Justice Lisa Warren extended a temporary injunction against logging in the so-called Chanterelle Forest, a section of the Sunshine Coast Community Forest known in the local community for its namesake fungi. …The activists, founders of Elphinstone Logging Focus, are asking for a judicial review of the forests ministry’s decision to grant a cutting permit for the 25.3 hectares of Crown land known as EW28.

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