The Stumpage problem for the layperson

There seems to be a misconception that the BC Government is currently imposing crushing stumpage rates. In reality, they are being imposed by the Market Pricing System (MPS) that was introduced in the Forest Renewal Act of 2003. That’s the same Act that took away the now restored ability for our Government to have a say in who gets the rights to harvest our timber.

…In 2003, the BC Government created BC Timber Sales (BCTS) and switched to the MPS. The justification was that it would help us avoid softwood lumber disputes with the USA. It didn’t, and it has turned out to be problematic for BC.

…Solution. Get rid of the Market Pricing System and go back to some version of the more responsive Comparative Value Pricing. Restore a share of the public’s resource for non-tenured companies to bid on. Use the newly restored ability of the Minister to take-back Tenure on transfers and add it to that share.


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