Burns Lake Community Forest and bike Magazine

The most recent issue of bike Magazine (an international bike magazine) has an 8-page spread on Burns Lake Trails

(page 62 on). Burns Lake Community Forest (BLCF) is credited on page 67  for all they did to secure the property, put up seed money, etc.), and the mini-excavator purchased by BLCF and loaned to the group is shown on page 64.

GREAT coverage for Burns Lake’s trail initiative, but also awesome to see BLCF credited! One of the great things we love about community forests = local support of local economic development initiatives!!

BLCF Manager Dawn Stronstad is very pleased with the international coverage the local mountain bike group is receiving, and even more pleased that Burns Lake Community Forest is playing an integral role in the establishment of world-class mountain biking trails in the Burns Lake area.

You can find a digital version of the article here

See the digital cover

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