City of Quesnel moves one step closer to getting a community forest

Agreement in Principle between 2 local governments and 4 First Nations

There is still a lot of work to do but Mayor Bob Simpson says Quesnel has never been closer to finally getting a community forest. He says the City has had a number of opportunities in the past, dating back as far as 1997, but he says they’ve never come this far. …“We have an agreement in principle, not formal, just verbal, that we want to see a contiguous land base surrounding the City of Quesnel that takes in the area that we call the interface between the built up area and the forest. …Simpson says they are probably at the very front end of a two year long process at a minimum. …He says they have about 77 thousand cubic meters of conifer and deciduous trees, but Simpson says they won’t be taking timber away from the local mills…

By George Henderson
My Cariboo Now
July 13, 2020

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