Douglas fir beetle repellent on offer to public

Property owners with Douglas firs in their back yards are being encouraged to pre-order a repellent to battle a beetle that has been plaguing the trees.

Packets of MCH Repellent are being made available through Industrial Forestry Service Ltd. at a cost of $1.60 per tree or $4.80 per tree if it’s large and decadent. article continues below 

IFS is asking the public to pre-order their repellant by March 31 to ensure that enough is ordered to meet demand. To guarantee effectiveness, the pods, which are stapled to the trees, must be put up between April 15 and 26.

A large number of large Douglas fir trees within the Prince George municipal boundaries have been showing signs of beetle damage and many others are at increased risk of attack as the infestation has grown within the Prince George timber supply area.

The repellant works by sending out a phermone that tricks beetles into sensing the tree is full and that the food supply is insufficient for additional beetles.

To make an order for the repellant, or for more information, contact Michelle Miller, Project Assistant, at, or 250-564-4115 local 260.

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