BCCFA Foundation Statements


Our vision is a network of diverse community forest initiatives, where local people practice ecologically responsible forest management in perpetuity, fostering and supporting healthy and vibrant rural communities and economies.


Our mission is to promote and support the practice and expansion of sustainable community forest management in British Columbia.


The purposes of the Association are to:

  • Work to ensure the viability of community forest initiatives in rural communities
  • Provide education on community forestry issues
  • Assist community forest practitioners in accessing resources required to succeed
  • Promote community forestry as a strategy for ecosystem resilience and community economic development

Guiding Principles

The guiding principles of the Association are to promote:

  • Culturally, ecologically, and economically sustainable forestry
    and practice of community forest initiatives in a manner which respects First Nation rights and cultural values, and which fosters understanding and cooperation between rural communities and First Nations.
  • Meaningful representation of community members in community forest initiatives.
  • Informed public participation in community forest decision-making.
  • Leading edge forest practices.
  • Local forest-based employment.
  • The restoration of forest ecosystems as a basis for social, ecological and economic health.
  • Community responsibility for land use and allocation decisions.