Full Membership

Membership in the BCCFA is available to community organizations that support the vision, mission, purposes and guiding principles of the Association.

A Full BCCFA Membership is for groups that:

  • Have a forest tenure (through a Community Forest Agreement or through other tenures such as Forest Licenses and Tree Farm Licenses),
  • Are community organizations that are seeking to obtain local forest management rights or in the application process (including a municipality, regional district, band council, tribal council, community-based corporation, cooperative or non-profit society).

Full Member Benefits

  • Full Members of the Association have the right to elect Directors and to vote on key decisions.
  • Members receive a monthly newsletter that keeps you informed on important issues and events. You will have access to the Board minutes and internal documents of the organization through links sent in the member exclusive version of the newsletter.
  • Members have enhanced networking opportunities with operating community forests and communities working to obtain Community Forest Agreements (CFA) to exchange ideas and information and share problems and solutions.
  • Access to emerging information on CFA developments and operating community forests through the BCCFA network and activities.
  • You will have access to a wealth of information through our Extension Program services that are available only to members. Our experienced staff can provide you with or connect you to the many resources available, which include building relationships, management issues, policy for boards, managers, policy templates, and so much more.
  • The BCCFA staff and board advocate to government on your behalf. They address important issues which include policies, tabular rates, long term tenure, administrative streamlining, community forest expansion, open burning, etc.
  • Promotion of the unique aspects of community forestry with government, academics and forest professionals.
  • Members receive a reduced rate at the BCCFA Annual General Meeting & Conference..
  • The promotion of community forest products and services of our members are supported through the BCCFA website.

Full Member Fees

  • Annual membership fees are based on $0.12/m3 calculated on the previous calendar year’s harvest.
  • An additional fixed rate of $0.055/m3 is charged based on AAC.
  • Fees are capped at $10,000.
  • Communities seeking a CFA pay $250/year.
  • GST is charged on top of the rates listed above.

BCCFA Membership Policy

  • Members that are unable to pay their full dues because of unique circumstances may apply to the board for a variance in the membership fee policy. The member will submit their rationale for the variance, and participate in a conference call between the BCCFA directors and the appropriate representatives of the member to discuss the request. The Executive Director will be charged with bringing forward a recommendation to the board for a final decision.
  • At the end of the fiscal year, unpaid dues for the year will be recorded as membership arrears. Members in arrears will then have 6 months to negotiate acceptable accommodation with the Executive Director. The negotiated accommodation will be reviewed and approved by the board.
  • If all attempts are unsuccessful, the member that fails to negotiate an acceptable accommodation will have their membership revoked.

BCCFA Full Membership Form

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