New Documents – Management Plan, CFA Licence and 1 CP

The BCCFA and MFLNRO staff have collaborated to update and streamline key Community Forest Agreement documents

1)      Community Forest Licence template –  Namely changes to Section 6.02 regarding the goals of the CFA program and linkage to the Management Plan.  The document has also been revised to allow for some greater Cut Control flexibility for CFAs with <10,000 m3.  Link to the revised document 

2)      Management Plan – Forest Tenure Branch staff and Area representatives have also worked with the BCCFA to develop a Management Plan template for CFAs.  The template is now finalized and is located here A guide to the template has also been developed and can be found here

3)      One Cutting Permit process – The Business Process Guide for One CP has also been updated. There is now a single guide that applies to CFAs and Woodlots instead of two separate versions. The document can be found here

Please contact Jennifer with questions

Thanks to Emma Neill at Forest Tenures Branch for her leadership on the new documents.