Valemount’s new mill: Phase 1 of 5 nears completion

When it’s finished the mill will employ about eight people and handle oversized and undersized wood that must be logged but is hard to sell.

VALEMOUNT, BC — It’s early days, but if you want to get on with the new mill under construction at the Valemount Industrial Park, you should put in an application now even though it’s not scheduled to start until fall. …Alan Yaworsky said that the mill will be built in five stages, and they were about three quarters through the first phase, which includes the headrig designed for breaking down very big logs. …The design is new and reflects stringent new safety measures because sawdust has increasingly been shown to be flammable. …Yaworsky pays attention to the industry and he believes that many supermills set up around the province have ruined their own business case – by depleting the forests. “West Fraser, Canfor gobble a million and a half board feet a shift.”

By Andru McCracken
The Rocky Mountain Goat
July 18, 2020

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