100 Mile House

Planning underway for community forest

By Max Winkelman
100 Mile House Free Press
February 1, 2018
While they would like to do some work on the 100 Mile House Community Forest ridge above Centennial Park, they’re not entirely sure yet what that will look like, says Bill Hadden who’s with the Community Forest. They’re still in the planning phases and are working with the Ministry of Forests and the Ministry of Environment, he says, adding that they are hoping to have boots on the ground in May or June. He’s not sure that’s feasible. “Most of what we’re talking about doing hasn’t really been done before,” he says. “We’re going into uncharted areas.” …A lot of the ridge closest to 100 Mile House, however, is covered off as an Old Growth Management Area (OGMA), he says. “OGMAs are very difficult to do anything in.”

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