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The BCCFA is a
membership-based organization

Our core operations are funded solely through the collection of membership dues. Membership in the BCCFA is voluntary with 80% of the community forest agreement holders choosing to belong to the Association.

Membership Categories​

Full Membership

Open to operating community forests and community organizations that are seeking to obtain community forest agreements.

Associate Membership

A non-voting membership category for individuals and organizations that support community forestry, such as academic institutions or non-governmental organizations.

Supplier Membership

A non-voting membership category for suppliers of goods and services relevant to community forestry.

Why is membership with the BCCFA Important?


Membership provides access to the network of knowledge and experience of community forest practitioners and BCCFA staff.


The greater the number of community forests represented by the BCCFA, the greater our capacity to influence provincial forest policy.


Membership gives a community forest organization the opportunity to be part of important provincial forest policy discussions and to have the unique needs of each organization represented in those discussions. Membership gives a direct line to advocacy for action.


The BCCFA plays a very important role as a provider of support and extension services to communities all around BC striving to obtain and successfully implement community forest initiatives.


Membership provides opportunities for participation in special projects with BCCFA partners such as UBC research projects and Summer Students, discounts on in depth extension services, and discounts on conference fees.

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