Partner Publications

Partner Publications

Notes From The Field

The University of British Columbia (UBC) Faculty of Forestry presents a new series called “Notes From the Field”, which highlights the work of different community forests. Check out the latest Notes From the Field below! If your community forest wishes to be featured in this publication series, please contact Deborah DeLong at

BC Community Forest Perspectives and Engagement in Wildfire Management 2020 Report

This research draws on interviews with 24 Community Forests across BC conducted through the Tree Ring Lab at UBC in the summer of 2019.

Community Forests identified three priorities for future wildfire management, including refocusing management with a ‘fire lens,’ managing fire (including prescribed and cultural burning) for landscape resilience, and scaling up collaboration to the landscape level. The report recognizes the contributions of community forests as leaders in addressing wildfire risk around communities and lays out four recommendations. We are deeply grateful to the authors of the report for their efforts and we look forward to furthering this important work together.   read more

New Publication: Routledge Handbook of Community Forestry (2022)

BCCFA Executive Director, Jennifer Gunter, contributed a chapter to the 33-chapters Routledge Handbook of Community Forestry. 86 co-authors and 66 peer-reviewers also contributed. Congratulations to all involved in this fantastic new release!
The Handbook is available for purchase here.

Time for Change: Learning from Community Forests to Enhance the Resilience of Multi-Value Forestry in British Columbia, Canada

A post -doctoral research paper by Tahia Devisscher

Tahia’s paper draws upon the community forest experience in BC, gained over 20 years. Her findings show the work CFAs are doing to take a more holistic, long-term approach to enhance the resilience of forested landscapes. Based on interviews with managers of 5 case study community forests and the BCCFA Indicators survey of member CFs over three consecutive years, she presents pilot practices to manage forests for resilience at the stand- and landscape levels. This is an important paper and shows how CFAs are innovating for the future. Read more

Community Forests — Community Benefits: The Economic Contributions of Community Forests to Rural Communities

This report provides the findings of an economic analysis of community forests in BC completed in 2015 by the Southern Interior Beetle Action Coalition. The purpose of this analysis was to quantify the cumulative, historical economic contributions of community forests to rural communities in BC.

Community Forests — Community Benefits: The Economic Contributions of Community Forests to Rural Communities​