WilDFIRE Risk Reduction

Wildfire Risk Reduction Funding for Community Forests

The BC government has invested over $5 million to help Community Forest Agreement holders complete wildfire risk reduction projects as part of the Province's economic recovery plan to create jobs and help communities deal with the impacts of the pandemic..

Community forests are demonstrating leadership in coordination and management to reduce the risk of catastrophic wildfire. They see the urgency of the problem for their communities and they have prioritized fuel management activities on their landbase. Funding from internal and external sources has supported the planning and implementation of these activities to date as verified by the Community Forest Indicators Survey, Indicator 13.

The Province of British Columbia has identified wildfire risk reduction through community forests as a mechanism through which employment can be generated as a part of Covid-19 economic recovery. The economic recovery dollars are allocated through the Crown Land Wildfire Risk Reduction (CLWRR) stream of the Community Resiliency Investment (CRI) program, and coordinated by the BCCFA in partnership with the BC Wildfire Service (BCWS).

Under the Economic Recovery Initiative, approximately $5 million has been allocated to the BCCFA to create or stimulate employment opportunities in 15 rural communities through CL WRR projects. The BCCFA collaborated with BCWS to build and implement this new program. 

The BCCFA and BCWS are exploring ways to continue to work in partnership to deliver Crown Land Wildfire Risk Reduction funds to CFAs. In the meantime, all CFAs with an interest in wildfire risk reduction work are encouraged to work with their Districts to identify projects that align with the new CLWR Planning Guide and can be included in the District’s Annual Operating Plan for 2022/2023.

Find more information on the projects that are in the works to utilize this funding by clicking on the community below. Check back here for regular updates on the projects.

The BCCFA will distribute more than $5 million to community forest agreements around BC.

The BCCFA will distribute more than $5 million to community forest agreements around BC.


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The 15 Community Forest Holders and the Fire Centre in which they are located