B.C. unprepared, under-resourced for wildfire and flood threat, review finds

By David Ball
The Star Vancouver
May 10, 2018

VANCOUVER—Disasters such as last summer’s wildfires, floods, lightning storms and landslides are “the new normal” consequences of climate change and British Columbia is ill-equipped to protect the public, according to an external review in response to last year’s floods and the wildfires that tore through the the province. …Former cabinet minister George Abbott, who co-authored the report containing 108 recommendations on how to prepare for future devastation, said the province would need to allow the public to join the fight in future disasters. …“The resources of BC Wildfire Service were stretched well, well beyond their limits … having trained and equipped allies on the land base can only be helpful.” …“2017 was by no means an anomaly or a one-off,” Abbott said. …[Minister] Doug Donaldson told reporters his government has “already started preparations for 2018” flood and fire season.

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