Why Buy Community Forest Products?

Build with products from Community Managed Forests. Community forestry is good for the forests, good for the people who live and work there and good for the buyers and users of wood.

Local Management

Community forests are different from other tenures because they are managed by the community, for the benefit of the community. We have a higher level of accountability to the people around us, our friends, our neighbours and our children. We manage in a very personal way.

As stewards of the local forests, we are working to sustain biodiversity, to protect watersheds, cultural heritage resources, and visual quality, and to enhance recreational and other non-timber values.

Business Opportunities

By working with a community forest, local producers can access the fibre that suits their specific needs. The unique nature of the community forest de-links the woodlands and fibre control from any single processing facility. This creates a true log market with opportunities for the full range of entrepreneurs to access our products.

We welcome wood-based manufactures to operate in our communities and to work directly with community forest managers. With a secure, long-term wood supply, value-added companies can focus on manufacturing and marketing their product.

Customer Service

Community forests can facilitate a direct relationship between wood supply and wood product manufacturers. Opportunities exist to pre-select wood while it’s standing in the forest. Community forests are the “farmers market” of the forest industry, nimble and able to work with orders of any size and variety.

Local Benefits

Community forests strive to create more value and more jobs from each cubic metre of wood. This creates a stronger community and better quality of life. When employment and revenue stay in the community, a lot can be done to enhance local services, recreation and tourism potential.