Community Tenures in the Wildland Urban Interface: BCCFA Mapping & Analysis

The BCCFA contends that community-based tenures –  the community forest agreement and the First Nations woodlands licence – are the most appropriate mechanism to meet urgent priorities for community protection from wildfire and for rural development. The preliminary BCCFA analysis area includes the land within BC Fire Protection Districts that is also within the Provincial Strategic Threat Analysis (PSTA) 2km WUI buffer, plus an 8 km buffer. There are 13.6 million hectares in this 10km WUI buffer. Currently, community forest agreements operate on 5.7% of that area (they account for 1.8% of the landbase provincially). The BCCFA is looking for comments on the new idea for an expanded WUI in the 10 km critical zone for community protection.

We have provided a map of the analysis area on a provincial scale with an accompanying table showing the distribution of tenures and land ownership in that zone, plus a more detailed map, using the West Kootenays as an example.  The data is a preliminary working draft which we see as tool to start a conversation. Community forests should talk with their local elected officials about the concept as they prepare to attend regional meetings this spring.  Contact Jennifer Gunter with your thoughts.