Everyone should have a 72-hour kit!

Develop a personal wildfire plan, B.C. fire chief says

By Bill Metcalfe
The Nelson Star
July 4, 2018

Len MacCharles wants you to develop a family evacuation plan and put together a 72-hour survival kit. He wants you to do it now. “A wildfire impacting Nelson: it is not if, it’s when,” Nelson’s fire chief told last week’s Wildfire and Climate Change Conference. “It is highly likely. The impacts to health, property, the environment, people, is going to be pretty serious.” It’s hard to predict what that fire will look like, he said. …Several years ago, forest fire expert Bruce Blackwell told Nelson city council that Nelson was on his “top ten list of communities in B.C. for the next big fire.” “That was not just an off-the-cuff remark.” …MacCharles said Nelson is developing a wildfire management plan, two main components of which are fuel treatment and the Fire Smart program.

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