Filmon report to be basis for wildfire mitigation efforts, Horgan says

By Mark Nielsen

Aug 01, 2017
Prince George Citizen

Premier John Horgan says he’s confident the federal government will be there to help British Columbia take the steps needed to prevent more wildfires from threatening communities once this season’s series of massive outbreaks has been dealt with. …Horgan said the Filmon report will “be the foundation for what we do after we get people back to their homes after the fires are out and we start to take stock of what the consequences have been from this season’s fires.” …Written by former Manitoba Premier Gary Filmon more than a decade ago, it set out measures to prevent a repeat of the extensive damage that struck the Okanagan particularly hard in 2003. Key among them was to clear out fuel sources that would pose a threat to homes and businesses if set alight. In May 2015, the Forest Practices Board was highly critical of the slow progress made in B.C. since the report’s release.

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