Former Chief of the McLeod Lake First Nation is on a mission

Orr seeks to create mentorship program for Aboriginal youth

By Frank Peebles
Prince George Citizen
February 7, 2018
Derek Orr has always used his position to uplift local Aboriginal youth. …Orr became renowned across Canada for presiding as chief over the sustained economic strides taken by the McLeod Lake First Nation. …In modern times, Orr and his fellow leaders set up logging and construction companies that did booming business in natural resource projects large and small, while retaining a firm hand on environmental stewardship in relation to those projects. It was a prosperous balance that continues to this day. Orr stepped away from the chief’s title in June. He was hired immediately by Carrier Lumber to be their business development manager. …Orr is setting the stage to bring a version of the First Nations Natural Resources Youth Employment Program to Prince George and he has the backing of some powerful industrial interests to see it done.

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