Fuel management work continues around 108 Mile Ranch

The 108 Greenbelt Commission has continued its work to reduce the risk of wildfire in the Walker Valley area of 108 Mile Ranch. This year’s work entails selectively thinning trees in two areas on the west side of the railway track through logging.

“I’m happy to say that the Greenbelt Commission’s fuel management work west of the railway tracks has been strongly encouraged and supported by the BC Wildfire Service,” said Al Richmond, Electoral Area G Director, in a Cariboo Regional District (CRD) news release. “It is also really encouraging that our neighbours to the west and north of 108 Mile Ranch have also started fuel management programs on the land they own or manage. When all this work is completed, the BC Wildfire Service has said this wide fuel break will significantly reduce the risk of a serious interface wildfire in the area.”

The work being done this year is similar to what was done in the Walker Valley last winter. Current work is being done across from the Kallum loop and Gloinnzun Crescent.

Most of the logging in those areas has been completed with one small four-hectare area remaining in the northern green triangle on the map attached. This area will require heli-logging operations due to a very steep slope. Mechanical harvesting is not possible. The heli-logging is set to begin in early March and will continue for one or two weeks, depending on the weather.

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