Lakes Timber Supply Area

Report is first step toward new annual allowable cut amount

By Rod Link
Burns Lake Lakes District News
July 4, 2018
Category: Forestry
Region: Canada, Canada West

Provincial forest officials have started work on deciding how much wood can be cut in the Lakes Timber Supply Area (TSA), a crucial determination for local mills, other resource users and for the economic base of the Lakes District. The last annual allowable cut (AAC) was set in 2011 at 2 million cubic metres a year but adjusted downward to approximately 1.6 million cubic metres in 2016 when the Lake Babine Nation was granted tenure and the Chinook Community Forest was created. AACs are set approximately every 10 years but can be varied depending upon local conditions and circumstances. Forest officials examine the total forest base, deducting areas and locations for example to safeguard wildlife populations, to account for old growth forests and to protect areas for their visual attributes.

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