New Board Game

Photosynthesis turns your tabletop into a three-dimensional cardboard forest

The Guardian
March 16, 2018

Blue Orange Games launches Photosynthesis. Players take control of species of trees, all vying to dominate a woodland canopy. You’ll compete to plant seeds in prime spots on the forest floor, growing your tiny saplings into towering giants. It might all sound very sedate and gentle, but this is a game as fiercely competitive as natural selection itself. You’ll need to aggressively seize space on the board, thinking several moves ahead and cutting off opportunities for your rivals. You’ll aim to tower over your opponents’ trees, soaking up life-giving sunlight while casting them into shadow. It’s simple and elegant, but it squeezes some real thought out of its straightforward design. It’s also visually striking. As you play, you’ll place three-dimensional cardboard trees on the board, creating a dense, colourful forest. It’s a pleasing combination of looks and brains, and it will bring you back to the table time and time again.

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