Post 2017 fire news near Williams Lake

‘It’s just devastating’: Searching for tree-eating bugs and other signs of life in B.C.’s charred forests

By Greg Rasmussen
CBC News
July 3, 2018

…Lori Daniels [University of British Columbia forestry professor] is cutting into the tree hunting for a tiny bug called the Douglas fir bark beetle that lives in the moist layer beneath the thick bark of dying trees. …Daniels’s work is part of an effort by government and universities to understand the impact of the destruction and figure out what can be done to help forests recover. An independent review of the wildfires prepared for the B.C. government suggests climate change is leading to “a new normal” where extreme fires will be much more frequent. Four of the province’s most destructive fire seasons have occurred in the past eight years. Researchers across the country say there’s an urgency to learn how our forests are adapting to climate change, and how it will impact both communities surrounded by forests, and the people who depend on healthy woodlands for their livelihoods.

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