Support for Sunshine Coast Community Forest: Opinion Piece

ELF does not speak for mountain bikers

Letter by Warren Hansen, RPF, Langdale

In the April 7 opinion letter (“Trail won’t stand up”), ELF’s Ross Muirhead is once again attempting to speak for the mountain bikers and trail building, stating that tree canopy is required to protect trail integrity. He points to examples of poor drainage and trail erosion on the New Frogger trail built by the Community Forests. This latest verbal attack on the Frogger trail is just a veiled effort to push ELF’s campaign to denounce the great support that the Sunshine Coast Community Forest is giving back to our recreation community. …One last thing – I can only think that ELF is saying this about Frogger to connect mountain bike trails to its protectionism rhetoric and tactics. We want to be part of the solution and will continue to work with others who want to share our little patch of Earth; so please leave us alone – you do not speak for us.

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