Wildfire forecasts predict hot, dry conditions in B.C. this year

A forecast generated in April by the Canadian Wildland Fire Information System shows above-average conditions for wildfire across a wide swathe of Western Canada in July. (Natural Resources Canada)


By Bethany Lindsay
CBC News
April 6, 2018

It’s still early in the year, but preliminary forecasts from federal government scientists suggest B.C. may be in for another active wildfire season. The Canadian Wildland Fire Information System released its latest seasonal forecasts this week, predicting that most of the southern half of B.C. will be more vulnerable than normal to wildfire throughout June, July and August. Richard Carr, a fire research analyst with the Canadian Forest Service, said there’s no reason to be alarmed, but the current climate models suggest above-average hot and dry conditions in some parts of the province — leaving those regions ripe for wildfire. “By the time we get into June … we’re starting to pick up on potential problems in the southern half of B.C., kind of extending up to the northeast,” he said.

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