FESBC launches wildfire prevention funding program

Forest Enhancement Society of BC
June 20, 2022

With $25 million in new funding from the provincial government, the Forest Enhancement Society of BC (FESBC) is launching its 2022-2023 Funding Program today. FESBC is accepting applications to fund projects that will assist the Province of British Columbia in reducing wildfire risk and increasing community resiliency to wildfire. …communities start by creating a wildfire risk reduction plan. The plan identifies infrastructure and priorities that need to be protected… Next, areas of risk are identified…Then, after consulting with the citizens and considering other values … treatment prescriptions are written by forest professionals. FESBC funds all of these project activities from start to finish. …FESBC will host a virtual information session that will guide proponents on the criteria FESBC wants to see in the applications, as well as on the steps that need to be taken to put together an application through the online portal.



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