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‘It’s the only way to go’: Coffin company offering its eco-friendly products at farmers markets

CBC News
August 2, 2020

Sita and Gavin Then, co-owners of Evergreen Coffin Company, are making the rounds at markets on Vancouver Island to showcase the eco-friendly wooden coffins they make with B.C. lumber and sell for just over $1,000. Based in Royston, B.C., Sita Then says travelling to farmers markets is an opportunity to not only make sales, but to talk to the public about the importance of death care — often a taboo subject — and help people take more control of the process for either themselves, or a loved one. …The coffins are made with a mix of sustainably grown B.C. pine and have no metal or plastic on them. They are held together by glue and untreated hemp rope that serves as handles. This makes them ideal for people interested in the growing trend of green burials, which do not include the use of any toxic materials.

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