BCCFA 2019 Community Forest Indicators Report

2019 Report shows Community Forests are important for Rural BC

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We are pleased to share the 2019 Community Forest Indicators Report. The Indicators  Report, now in its 5th year, contains analysis of 18 different areas where community forests deliver economic, social, cultural, and environmental benefits to their rural and Indigenous communities and to the province. Along with the quantitative information, the report is filled with stories and photos that further demonstrate the importance of community forests to the sustainable future of these communities and the land that surrounds them.

“With mill curtailments and closures occurring across the province, BC has turned its attention to policy reform and transition planning to support resilient forestry communities, reconfigure relationships with Indigenous communities, and take on the challenges of climate change and the risk of wildfire. The 2019 Community Forest Indicators report confirms that community forests offer solutions to meet current and future challenges and are an immediate and accessible tool to employ,” said Jennifer Gunter, Executive Director of the BCCFA.

This year’s results highlight the efforts being made by community forests on many important fronts, including: creating new partnerships in their communities, such as the Chinook Community Forest;  collaborating to protect communities from wildfire, like the McLeod Lake Mackenzie Community Forest; finding ways to better utilize biomass often viewed as waste, like the Cheakamus Community Forest or showing how great of an impact a community forest can have on its community, like this year’s Robin Hood Memorial Award winners at the Logan Lake Forest.

Click here to see a recently updated map of the Community Forest Agreements across BC!

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