BCCFA Submission to the Area-Based Forest Tenure Consultation

All around British Columbia, there is growing support for more community control of our forest resources. Community Forest Agreements are a powerful tool to support local jobs and diversify the economic base of rural communities while maintaining forest ecosystems and values for the future. If new legislation is to be developed that could have a lasting impact on land management, it is critical to include the current and future interests of communities. We call upon the provincial government to make room for Community Forest Agreements as part of the process. Government has now put the conversion discussion on the shelf to focus on work load due to the Tsilhqot’in Nation Supreme Court decision.  Download the BCCFA Submission

To contribute to the discussion about area-based tenures, the BCCFA has developed a map that identifies, at a provincial scale, the areas the areas of significant interest to communities. These are areas of high social obligation. For simplicity, we are calling this zone the “front country”. By creating this map, we are hoping to stimulate discussion about forest tenures and how to increase the amount of productive forest under community-based management. click here to view the map

Front Country Map Methodology
Access the map through Dropbox
Instructions to link to high resolution maps

Two additional documents accompany the map:
1    An Excel file that contains the source data for the map. It summarizes the number of hectares by TSA of front country, back country, community forest agreement, woodlot, First Nations woodlands licence and parks. link to file
2    A PDF that provides instructions on creating pivot tables & charts using the source data. link to file