CFA Wildfire Workshop 2019 Presentation – Kerri Howse

Translating into Practise
Kerri Howse – Land and Resource Section Head, FLNRORD Cariboo RD

ABSTRACT: Implementation Options to Improve Forest Resiliency
The last few decades of extreme disturbance on the landscape has been changing people’s perception of
what a forest “should” look like. Some of our fundamental principles of forest management are being
challenged and it is becoming ever‐more apparent that we need to modify our perspective, and our forest
practices. There has never been a better time to have an influence on forest management. One of the
biggest challenges ahead of us is to figure out how to take our growing understanding of what a resilient
forest might look like and start to adapt our practices on the ground. To enable this change, we need to
invoke the tools that we have at hand, and explore new options both in our practices and our legislative
framework, to move into the future.
Kerri will discuss some of the existing opportunities to undertake innovative practices on the land base, and
explore some of the opportunities that may be available within the current legislative framework and some
of the places where we may need to advocate for change.


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