Cumberland wants to hear views on trees – Community is putting together a 20-year urban forest plan

The Village of Cumberland is growing, but it wants to make sure its trees don’t get lost in the process.

Right now, it is conducting an online survey of the community about its Urban Forest Management Plan as part of the process of developing the plan this fall.

While part of it covers green space in the community on public land, such as natural forests, street trees and park trees, it will include ideas around trees on private land.

“The biggest issue is what people want to do on their property,” says Mayor Leslie Baird.

People do not necessarily want the Village to have control over what trees they can have on their property.

“I agree in some respects, but we also can’t cut all the trees down,” she adds. “The trees are very important to the environment.”

The hope is that the survey process can help guide property owners in knowing to plant the right trees for the climate and infrastructure.


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IMAGE: The Village of Cumberland is surveying the community for an urban forest plan. Photo by Mike Chouinard