Eniyud Community Forest shareholder AGM

Managing a community forest is not just about dividends

By Jim Hilton, prorfessional agrologist/forester
BC Local News
June 2, 2018

While community forests provide the opportunity for residents to use dividends from timber harvest profits to pay for some important local projects there are also many other concerns associated with the annual harvest plans. On May 23 of this year, I attended the Tatla Resource Association (TRA) annual general meeting (AGM) in the Tatla Lake community hall. As a summer resident of the area for more than three decades, I am allowed membership and voting rights in the TRA. One of the main functions of the TRA is to jointly manage the Eniyud Community Forest (ECF) along with the Alexis Creek First Nation. Based on a 2008 inventory and analysis the 115,000-hectare community forest had a timber harvest land base of 44,048 ha and annual allowable cut (AAC) of 40,000 cubic meters.

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