Finding forestry work in the 21st century

Apr 21, 2016

CKNW News Talk 980

Forestry. Since B.C.’s inception, it’s been one of our province’s driving industries. But in the 21st century is it still relevant? For the next part of CKNW’s series, Putting BC To Work, The Drex Live Show highlights the pros and cons of getting into the forestry sector. “We’re looking at recruiting about 2,700 people a year over the next 10 years to replace those folks in the sector. Many of those jobs, key occupations industrial electricians, power engineers, heavy mechanics, truck drivers, ect. Those are also in high demand by other sectors.” That’s Susan Yurkovich, President and CEO of the Council of Forest Industries, talking about current and future job opportunities in the B.C. forestry sector. 27,000 jobs over the next 10 years sounds pretty good, but how does it compare to other industries?

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