Fire Performance Demonstration Workshop 2.0, hosted by Wood WORKS! BC and the Canadian Wood Council

“The fire tests demonstrated that mass timber can last and hold up load in a fire for a significant amount of time, whether it is exposed or protected,” explained Marc. “The tests also showed that mass timber is comparable in a fire to noncombustible construction (CLT to steel frame cube).

By Maureen McLaughlin
November 1, 2018


Nearly 200 architectural, structural and fire engineering and service professionals, as well as building and insurance officials, developers, builders and installers gathered at the Surrey Fire Department Training Facility on Tuesday, October 16 for the Fire Performance Demonstration Workshop 2.0, hosted by Wood WORKS! BC and the Canadian Wood Council. This workshop provided essential information about wood building fire requirements in the upcoming revised buildings codes. The event opened with a classroom format featuring 10 speakers and three “roll up your sleeves” interactive sessions. After lunch a live burn commenced that showcased side-by-side fire comparisons of three large (8’ x 8’) demonstration boxes; a CLT cube, a steel cube, and a course-of-construction cube, each built to code.

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