Jim Hilton talks about forest sector opportunities with Indigenous nations

This article is an opinion piece written by Jim Hilton.

First, a reminder of the Oct. 11 deadline for public input into the online engagement process (engage.gov.bc.ca) for the Interior Forest Sector Renewal Policy and Program Engagement Discussion Paper.

The last section of the discussion paper describes the government’s intention of seeking opportunities to meet Indigenous interests for greater participation in tenure holdings and forest products manufacturing. Many First Nations communities have the largest populations in the more remote areas of this province. Forest resources often are the only opportunity to provide a steady source of employment for both the First Nations and local non-First Nations populations.

The number of Indigenous Nations’ timber volume as a percentage of total Interior licence volume (not including Community Forest Agreements and First Nation Woodland Licences) has increased from seven per cent in 2004 to 12 per cent in 2018 but there are still many rural communities that have no revenue from forest resources.


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IMAGE: BC Local News