Mackenzie Mayor calls on BC Government for sustainable forestry plan following mill curtailment

“We don’t want handouts from the government, we want jobs. We want a secure industry and some longevity to this community”

As the Paper Excellence mill in the District of Mackenzie goes into indefinite curtailment, the community is left with questions. …Mackenzie Mayor Joan Atkinson has said this latest closure will mean all three major employers in the town have shut their doors. Conifex Timber has curtailed its sawmill since mid-April due to COVID-19 and Canfor’s sawmill has been on an indefinite curtailment since July 2019. …In a community of about 3,700 with a workforce of about 2,000, and losing between 700 to 800 jobs, that works out to just under 19 percent of their population. …“We went through this exact scenario in 2008 and 2009, we lost tax money. It took us three or four years to get back to pre-curtailment days in (those) closures.” …

By Catherine Garrett
My Prince George Now
June 14, 2020

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