Nakusp CF Plans Challenged to Protect Western Toad

Jobs vs nature: a BC fight

A fight is dividing a small town in the interior of British Columbia. The fight is over toads, and logging. The provincial government has approved logging near the small Summit Lake, a few kilometers south of the town of Nakusp. That lake is the core habitat of the “western toad” which has been listed federally as a “species of special concern”. The conflict is between local residents who want to save the toad, and those who are concerned about maintaining forestry jobs. …He adds, “The best way to protect this provincially significant population is not through questionable logging practices but through expanding the current proposed Summit Lake Park to include the core forested toad habitats on the mountain. All of Summit Lake and the lower south side are already approved for park expansion. Why not include the core critical toad habitat on the mountain as well?”