New stand-alone ministry of lands and resources

BC’s new land co-management regime has many years of work ahead

By Vaughn Palmer
The Vancouver Sun
February 9, 2022

The BC New Democrats are establishing a new ministry as a first step toward co-management of Crown land and resources with B.C. First Nations. The stand-alone ministry of lands and resources is being carved out of the existing — and many-headed — ministry of forests, lands, natural resource operations and rural development. …It will likely be headed by former federal MP Nathan Cullen. …The one main objective: “A new vision of land and resource management with First Nations that will embrace shared decision-making on the land base.” …Supposedly, the new entity will be “agile and responsive.” …Hands up if the words “agile and responsive” spring to mind when thinking of government bureaucracy. Public servants of a certain age will recall that land and resource stewardship programs have been reorganized before. …But it remains to be seen if the latest land and resources consolidation will be any more effective than Campbell’s half-baked schemes.


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