Premier releases report to modernize the forestry sector

New vision for sustainable forest policy puts people, communities first

By the Office of the Premier
Government of British Columbia
June 1, 2021

The B.C. government has set out its vision for a forestry sector that is more diverse, competitive, focused on sustainability and puts people and communities first. …Government’s vision to modernize forest policy and protect old growth will take time to fully implement. It is focused on three guiding principles: increased sector participation, enhanced stewardship and sustainability, and a strengthened social contract to give government more control over management of the sector. …The proposed changes to forest policy as outlined in a new intentions paper include a compensatory framework to redistribute forest tenures to Indigenous Nations, forest communities and small operators. In addition, the paper includes the continued commitment to act on the recommendations of the Old Growth Strategic Review in collaboration with Indigenous leaders, local governments, labour, industry and environmental groups. This work must balance the need to support and protect workers with the need for additional old-growth protection.

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