Prescribed burns among measures West Kelowna to use to cut fire risk

Fires that are deliberately set and controlled could save West Kelowna from a devastating conflagration in the future, members of city council say.

So-called prescribed burns, the location and size of which are still being devised, will be lit to better fire-proof the community even though councillors know the practice could be controversial.

Some people may not like the smoke produced by deliberately set fires and they may worry about the potential of deliberately set blazes to get out of control, Coun. Doug Findlater said.

“Prescribed burns will be controversial. There will be push-back,” Findlater said at Tuesday’s regular council meeting.

“But it’s simply something that’s necessary for the greater good, and something we have to do,” Findlater said. “I’ll probably get a little bit of hate mail for saying that, but it needs to be done.”


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IMAGE: BC Wildfire Service