Province considering wildfire-related hunting restrictions

By Frank Peebles
The Prince George Citizen
September 20, 2018

Now that the enormous wildfires of the area are yielding to the autumn weather, including a freak snowstorm last week, residents are taking stock of their scorched earth. Fires like Shovel Lake, Nadina Lake, Verdun Mountain, and many others drastically altered the landscape in the Lakes District-Omineca regions especially. Those ecosystems are in disarray and for the ungulate populations of moose, deer, elk and so on, the fire topsy is now followed by hunting season turvy. Dawn Makarowski, a spokesperson for the Ministry of Forests, Lands, Natural Resource Operations & Rural Development, said the provincial government was in the process of assessing the criss-cross of hunting estimates made earlier in the year versus the new environmental reality where fires swept wildlife out of their usual habitats.

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