Province creates harsher penalties to curb wildfires

New penalties for irresponsible off-road use

Squamish Chief
March 22, 2018

Possible payment of firefighting costs, up to $1 million court fines and up to three years in jail — the province means business when it comes to off-road vehicle users who start wildfires. Following a historically bad fire season last summer, the province is ramping up penalties to curb wildfires and what it considers to be irresponsible off-road vehicle use.  “These changes reflect the tougher stand that our government is taking to eliminate unnecessary wildfire risks, encourage compliance, protect communities from harm and help keep British Columbians safe,” said Forests Minister Doug Donaldson in a news release. Spark arrestors are now required for off-road vehicles that go on Crown land. …The province could hit violators with a $460 ticket or an administrative penalty of up to $10,000 if an off-road vehicle without a spark arrestor is operating at a time or place where there is a risk of a wildfire starting.

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