Registered Professionals, Academics and Subject Matter Experts request involvement in forest policy in BC

An Open Letter to Honourable Katrine Conroy, MLA Minister of Forests, Natural Resource Operations and Rural Development

Tree Frog Forestry News
August 10, 2021

Request for Involvement from Registered Professionals, Academics and Subject Matter Experts in Forest Policy Change Including the Implementation of A New Future for Old Forests in BC 

Dear Minister Conroy, 

We are writing to urgently request a meeting with you to discuss how a diverse broad base of registered professionals, academics, and subject matter experts can directly support your commitment to implement the 14 recommendations found in the Gorley/Merkel report ‘A New Future for Old Forests’ (the “OG Report”), as well as the forest management aspects of the BC Intentions Paper (the “Intentions Paper”). read more 

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