Rustad Named BC Forests Minister, Maintains Aboriginal Relations Portfolio

By John Crawford

Jun 23, 2017

The BC Legislature has a new speaker — and that means John Rustad has a new job. Rustad is taking over the Ministry of Forests, Lands and Natural Resource Operations, after former minister Steve Thomson was acclaimed as speaker yesterday. Rustad will also continue as Minister of Aboriginal Relations and Reconciliation. And the Nechako Lakes MLA says there’s a big job ahead. “I look forward to the work we have, there’s a lot on the plate and things that need to get addressed right away and so I have solid forestry background and obviously forestry is an important component of my riding and really throughout the north and it’s actually an interesting combination with Aboriginal Relations as well, but I look forward to the work that needs to be done, there’s obviously some very important issues with respect to softwood lumber, with flooding that’s going on, as well as timber allocations and other things so it’s going to be a busy time, even though it may be a short time,” he said.

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