Tumbler Ridge

Community Forest gives Archives Grant

Jul 08, 2016
Tumbler Ridge News

The Tumbler Ridge Archives are $3500 richer due to a grant from the Tumbler Ridge Community Forest. Head archivist Crys White says the grant was much needed. “This will keep me in supplies for the next two years,” she says. The money will be used to pick up a new computer, as well as shelving, cabinets, and general supplies like paper and encapsulation material. “It all needs to be archival so it doesn’t deteriorate,” says White. “There’s all kinds of stuff that you need. I’ve already placed an order for close to $2000. Even simple things like paper clips. You can’t use metal in an archive, they need to be plastic. You can’t have anything made out of wood. All the photos have to be stored in specific archival folders and envelopes and any printing has to be on archival paper.”

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