Update from Golden on accessing a CFA

Bringing a community forest to Golden

The Golden Star
April 16, 2021

After nearly 20 years, the Golden and Area A Community Forestry Team (GACFT) is trying to bring a community forest to the Golden area. The GACFT has provided an update on their progress.  On Jan. 13, the GACFT, along with a representative of the Shuswap Indian Band, attended an educational session hosted by Susan Mulkey of the BC Community Forest Association. Mulkey laid out how good governance in community forestry can be achieved and supported through thoughtful design of the legal entity formed to manage the forest. Mulkey then presented and facilitated discussion on  legal structures and arrangements that have been employed by other community forests in British Columbia. Coun. Mark Thomas of the Shuswap Indian Band, attended the session and articulated the Shuswap’s desire to deepen the Band’s involvement in this initiative and to actively participate in working towards the goal of a community forest for the region.

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