Western Forestry Contractors’ Association April News

BC Provincial Health Officer COVID-19 2021 Order Pending for Planting Camps and Crews

By John Betts
Western Forestry Contractors’ Association
April 1, 2021

With a third wave rising as we head into our second pandemic planting season the WFCA held its first COVID-19 contractor update call Thursday outlining changes it expects to see in a pending BC Provincial Health Officer Class Order for silviculture industrial camps and crews and related sectors. Based on recommendations the association has made to the PHO the updated law is expected to contain all the provisions and requirements announced last April regarding social distancing, separating crews from communities, and responding to outbreaks. But it will allow employers more flexibility for pods and social distancing once self-contained crews have remained symptom-free beyond a minimum two weeks subject to a risk assessment. …BC Forestry Safety Advocate Jordan Tesluk will work with Iridia Medical, a private medical services provider who worked with the sector last year, to explore ways to test and vaccinate workers on site this spring.

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